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A Day In The Life: Guatemala

With the turbulent plane ride here, the vast scene of mountains and active volcanos, the delectable Guatemalan food, and the rich culture saturated in love and anchored in unity… Guatemala sure has done a major work in my heart already, even in just two weeks of being here! We landed in Guatemala City on the 18th and spent one last night together as a whole Squad at the Adventures in Missions base.

After saying our goodbyes my Team and I, Team Shalom Bayit, ventured to our host family’s house in San Antonio Aguas Calientes (a village in the southern part of Guatemala) where we were greeted by our host family and our ministry host’s team from Worship Room!

During ministry days, which are Monday's through Friday's, we're serving alongside the Worship Room's team of volunteers. Every day looks a little different... Sometimes we're working with the kiddos at the Hope Garden here in San Antonio through teaching English, playing soccer, and helping with Bible studies and VBS.

Other times we're in Antigua assisting with worship nights at Serve Hope Cafe, joining forces with other ministries to intercede for Israel and the nations, and attending or facilitating women's Bible studies. Though my favorite so far has been house visits, getting to bring the Good News of Jesus door to door allows us to connect with some of the women on a deeper level in the privacy of their homes.

Saturday's and Sunday's are our off days where we get to adventure and explore, rest in the Lord, and also ask the Lord how he'd like to use us in each moment. Each adventure day so far we've found ourselves evangelizing on the street and praying over strangers everywhere we go, it's been probably the most exciting and beautiful part of ministry!

Thank you guys all for praying alongside me and walking with me throughout this journey! I'm so excited to share more about what God's doing in the weeks to come. Just an update with my funding, God's provided $9,655 of my total funding goal, which is 49%! Praise the Lord!!! The next goal I'm praying for is to reach 60%, which is $11,820 by the end of October.

If y'all could join me in prayer for this next funding goal, unity on the team and God's continued protection for us, and for God to keep working in the lives of those we're serving! Until next time y'all ✌️

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